“Stress, depression and many other issues are often rooted in suppressed emotional memories and pain.
Emotional Therapy helps clients explore these sources in a safe, positive supportive environment.”

fullsizerender-1About Me

My name is Philippa Northover and I have been a practicing therapist in the Greater Manchester area for over 25 years. I work on the premise that as we are unique, our individual needs will vary.

To optimize the healing process I take a flexible approach offering a wide variety of skills and techniques which are adapted to the client’s personal needs.

In a safe and supportive way I offer warmth and guidance and provide you with the tools to find your own power to heal. For those who want to commit to a journey of self discovery, all I ask is the courage to look within and a willingness to change.


How can I help you?

Sometimes, just taking the first step can be a huge relief. Feelings are part of us, and giving them the respect they deserve enhances our self worth. By creating a safe environment in which to experience, express and validate our stored (suppressed) emotions, we are able to free up untold energy that has been tied up in holding them down.

The freedom and relief we feel is incredible and extremely liberating. Most importantly, we can now make conscious decisions to shape our life rather than allowing emotional turmoil to rule it.

Whilst exploring our present situation we will make connections with early experiences – it is within this understanding of yourself that you will feel empowered to make any necessary changes to your life. When past behaviour patterns which operate unconsciously are understood and released, the opportunity is there to experience freedom from the past and become our own master.

If we feel hurt or wounded, it makes sense that these wounds need protecting, and this protection forms a barrier around us. By gently working through and releasing these barriers it enables us to realize our true potential and to become who we truly are – our true selves.

Physical effects and residual energy of painful experiences can remain in the body as blockages. The integrated therapies I offer can help to remove these blockages and free us from distress, confusion and repeated or unwanted behaviour patterns.

During the process of self exploration, positive strengths are often uncovered – this can lead to greater self confidence.

My Qualifications

Advanced diploma in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
Advanced diploma in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
Supervisor and Mentor
Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society
Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society
M.N.C.S. (Acc)
Registered Member of the Counselling Directory
Registered Member of the Counselling Directory
Diploma in Regression Therapy
Diploma in Regression Therapy
Accredited by the International Board of Regression Therapy and the European Association of Regression
MPLRA Dip (Rth)
Training with KEW School of Regression
Training with Karen E Wells
Kew school of Regression
Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
Dip (Hyp) G.H.S.C.
Member of the Healing Trust.
Member of the Healing Trust.

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