What is hypnotherapy, how can it help?

Hypnotherapy is a state of altered awareness, similar to daydreaming, which provides a means of accessing your innermost thoughts to bring about positive change. It is a safe and powerful way to retrieve suppressed memories and release the energy or emotions linked to past events.

Hypnotherapy can be compared to reprogramming the hard drive on a computer. However, it’s not about overriding what is stored in your subconscious, but rather helping you come to terms with a difficult or traumatic event from your past. Only then will you be able to experience the satisfaction of releasing the emotions bottled up inside.

Hypnosis is a pleasant state of total relaxation, and as a professional therapist I will always treat you with the utmost care and respect throughout any therapy session.

How can it help?

I draw from a wide range of techniques and my approach is intuitive and flexible. I can help free you from the automatic thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back.

Some people fear the process of being hypnotised means losing control, but in fact hypnosis gives you greater control over the parts of your mind that you are not normally aware of.

Through hypnotherapy I can assist you in overcoming certain issues and problems using various methods, such as inner child work, regression therapy and healing.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears, heal wounds and bring about lasting change to your life.