Seeking help from a therapist is an important decision and it’s not unusual for people to feel apprehensive about their first therapy session. Choosing the right counsellor isn’t easy and it’s vital you feel comfortable, which is why I offer a free initial consultation that usually lasts about 30 minutes.

The first session gives you an opportunity to meet me and find out more about emotional therapeutic counselling. It also helps you to decide if I’m the right person to help you. Whatever your reason for choosing to see a therapist, I can help lessen your fears by explaining what will happen during your first session.

A safe, respectful and confidential environment is crucial for any counselling session. As a counsellor, I will work with you in a non-judgmental way, respecting you as an individual, your values and your culture. This approach will form the basis of a process that will lead to greater insight, awareness and clarity in relation to your situation.

During the first session we will discuss the reasons why you’re seeking therapy, such as the problem you’d like resolved and the desired outcome.

To help me gain a good understanding of the issue you want to deal with, it will be necessary for us to talk about you and your life. I will probably ask you about significant events, your family history, and your relationship with yourself and others. We will also explore feelings, repeated patterns of behaviour and thoughts, and will discuss how to bring about positive change.

Successful counselling is a partnership and at all times you will be in control. You will choose how little or how much you share during the session, but the more active your involvement, the more effective counselling will be for you.

All I ask from you is the willingness to change and the courage to look within.