“After yet another not-happily-ever-after disastrous relationship, I had had enough and found myself like you reading this website belonging to a Philippa Northover Emotional therapist, and so began my journey with Philippa in April 2011-August 2011.

It has been a truly amazing experience; thought provoking, funny, challenging, yes, hard, enlightening and life-affirming. Through Philippa’s gentle insightful questioning we explored my beliefs, actions and just me. Philippa has given me the tools to keep learning and dealing with what comes my way in life. I have developed my own way of seeing situations more positively and to learn from each person I meet.

Every now and again, I catch myself thinking ‘now what would Philippa ask me here?’ She has given me the strength, self-belief and the ability to find my own inner confidence. Philippa’s wise words have never left me even now my sessions have ended. I have so much to thank her for.”

K, Cheshire

“I remember seeing your advertisement in the local town magazine. I was at my lowest ebb. I was continually in tears about my life and when the magazine fell open on the page advertising ’Emotional Therapy’ I hesitated for a brief moment but then I picked up the phone and contacted you.

It was the start of a new way of thinking for me but much more importantly I learned how to ‘feel’ my emotions and acknowledge their existence. I learnt that it was necessary and perfectly acceptable to feel angry about things that had happened in my life.

It was an important step for me. I learnt to share my feelings and my emotions. I learnt that it was necessary to use how I felt to make sense of my life. I learnt to write down how I was feeling and to explore why I was feeling certain emotions. I learnt how to deal with so many things that I had buried deep within for so many, many years.

I discovered a truly wonderful person was hidden under years of unhappiness. It freed my mind. A freedom I truly appreciate.

I have come such a very long way since those early days and I continue to work on myself using the tools I was taught during the sessions I undertook.”

MH, Cheshire

“I had been a sufferer of anorexia, bulimia and severe depression for fourteen years and had become resigned to the knowledge that’s how life would always be,

I had accepted that I was always going to feel the way I did. I had become withdrawn from life and was just existing and going through the motions.

I have tried many different types of therapies and nothing ever filled the void that had become my being. I was a pessimist, I had no confidence in myself or in others, I had no faith or optimism, goals, ambitions, hobbies or interests, I just lived in my own little world of unhappiness and unfulfilment.

With a lifetime of abuse and cruelty from people I felt lonely, unlovable, unlikeable, stupid, ugly, fat and spiritless, my heart was dead and looking into my eyes, I had a lifeless soul, I was broken and ashamed to be who I was, a lifetime of criticism, emotional and physical abuse had resulted in leading me to the depths of despair. I had no reason, purpose, and visions for the future or passion, I was a little lost child trapped and imprisoned in a woman’s body that I didn’t want to be in.

I then however discovered Emotional Therapy and with some scepticism went to see Philippa whilst keeping an open mind and approaching it with non judgemental or critical view, which I surprisingly adapted to quite effortlessly and began to see myself and the world through completely different eyes.

Philippa taught me that everyone who had wronged me and treated me badly were hurting deeply inside too and were forcing their beliefs onto me, they were never

my belief’s about myself.

I have learned to like myself and to be confident in myself, to value myself and to be proud of who I am for who I am and not for what I thought I wasn’t or hadn’t achieved. I have learnt how to heal myself within using meditation on a spiritual level and found a peaceful place inside myself and I feel like I have been set free,

I feel like the terrible dark evil feeling inside that once blackened and infested my soul has disappeared, the world is a brighter place and I have a purpose and reason to

be now.

By nurturing the little girl inside and allowing her to grieve and release her torment, sorrow and pain, I am now free of self loathing, anger and rage, overly self

criticism, pushing people away, hatred for anyone who cares for me and I’ve allowed people into my life and into my heart, I’ve opened up my heart and I can feel flutters

of happiness for absolutely no reason at all, which is priceless and a feeling I can’t remember ever experiencing before. As a child I lost who I was and who I was supposed to become but I am lucky enough to have found and rescued myself with the irreplaceable guidance of Philippa and to her I will always be eternally grateful.”

Alison, Wales

“The 16th April 2008 was the date of my first meeting with Philippa Northover and 4th August 2010 was my last session.  This was the biggest and most important journey of my life and the dates will always be remembered.I had previously tried ‘counselling’ before and found it difficult – never progressing beyond the 3rd or 4th meeting, but with Philippa it was different. I was in a safe environment exploring ‘me’ at my own pace being gently guided to reach my own answers. She was intuitively in touch with my moods, my feelings and sensitively tuned into the way to work with me.

Philippa’s entire approach was different to the other therapists and counsellors  I had met and the exact opposite of how I would normally operate – I am methodical and logical – Philippa works with feelings, beliefs and the spiritual aspects of your being – she refers to experiences as ‘gifts’ and manages to somehow help you see a purpose for an event. I even tried relaxation and spiritual relaxation sessions, which I would never have believed in before meeting Philippa.

I had always found it difficult to trust people and trusting a counsellor with ‘me’ had always previously been impossibility. I met with Philippa to establish if I could work with her and I guess essentially Philippa was doing the same with me- there had to be mutual trust and some sort of working relationship.

I presented myself as having ‘relationship problems’ and ‘sleep disruption’ – I wasn’t about to share my true ‘secret’. In time I began to share everything and start to deal with what had imprisoned me for 30 years. In time I shared everything with Philippa – she became my confident and my sounding board when I was unsure of my footing.

As a child I had been the victim of sexual abuse and had successfully managed to put a very secure lid on a Pandora’s box of damaged, confused and frightening feelings; wanting all the time to leave that part of my life behind and pretend that it had never happened to me. In doing so I had also blanked out a whole period of my life and missed a whole part of my childhood. I had feelings of shame and not feeling good enough, which always led to problems when trying to form any meaningful and lasting relationships.

Philippa helped me appreciate that this part of my life should be embraced and accepted, and, in doing so, I have been able to move on in all areas of my life.  I had not appreciated how these feelings had affected my relationships and life in general and had built an amazing defensive wall around my inner self which nothing and no one could penetrate.

In doing the therapy I feel confident in my everyday life and have used a lot of what I have learned in my business life too. I am much stronger and happier with myself and able to deal with situations that I previously found difficult.

I would always recommend Philippa to anyone wanting to overcome any problem – large or small. The relationship was always professional and above all I felt supported at all times knowing that my feelings would be sensitively considered on the journey.

I always used to ask Philippa how many more sessions I would need and she always used to tell me that ‘I would just know……’, and do you know what ?  ……… I just knew!”

FC, Cheshire